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Dog Bites

Most dogs are loving, gentle dogs.  However, accidents happen sometimes.  If your toddler has just gotten bitten by the neighbor’s dog, what should you do?

  1. If the wound is minor, thoroughly was the affected area with soap and water.  Then, apply a topical antibiotic cream and a bandage.
  2. If the would is minor but bleeding significantly, you can hold your toddler’s hand (or wherever is bitten) above his/her heart level and apply a cold compress to reduce the bleeding.  Once the bleeding is slowed, you can proceed as per #1 above.
  3. If the would is major, you should take your child to the doctor as sutures may be warranted.
  4. You also need to speak with your neighbor to determine if the dog is current on his/her rabies vaccinations.  For 10 days from the date of the bite, the dog will need to be watched for signs of rabies.  If, 10 days post-bite, the dog still appears not to be rabid, then rabies should no longer be a concern.
  5. You may wish to hold your neighbor responsible for the medical bills that you may incur for the treatment of the bite injury.
  6. If your neighbor’s dog is generally perceived to be a dangerous animal, you may be well advised to report that to law enforcement.
  7. On each of the days immediately following the date of injury, you should take off the bandage from the prior day, was and examine the area, and re-bandage as necessary.  If the skin and tissue surrounding the  bite becomes reddened and swollen, there is an active infection.  Even if oral antibiotics may need to be prescribed.  If your child has immune system deficiencies, or if the infection is sufficiently advanced, s/he may be admitted to the hospital for provision of intravenous antibiotics.

By following the steps above, you can handle dog bites appropriately.  For more useful tips, continue to visit Care4hire.com.

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