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Create a memorable summer with frugal fun

dad-with-kidsClearly, cost-savings are on everyone’s mind during the current economic downturn, but you still want your kids to have fun this summer.   In an effort to save money, you might not be taking a big vacation, renting a beach house or sending your kids to camp this year, but you can still make it a summer to remember with some frugally fun ideas.

Enjoy a campout in your own backyard, complete with a tent, ghost stories and s’mores.

Your backyard is also a great place for an obstacle course.  Create a zany course using whatever you have around the house – hula hoops, chalk outlines, cones, jump ropes, etc.  Challenge your kids to race through the course.

Create a scavenger hunt and have your children find specific items or be vague and encourage their creativity (find something purple, find something you’d find in a storybook, etc.)

Build fairy houses out of twigs, rocks and grass. 

Build a fort out of old cardboard boxes and decorate it with crayons, glue, construction paper and more.

Think of the games of your youth – water balloon tosses, racing with raw eggs balanced on a spoon, 3-legged sack races – are all great fun for your kids.  And these activities are a great way to relive your own carefree summer days!

Make frugal crafts – masks out of construction paper, puppets out of paper bags and homemade play-doh.  Put paint in old egg cartons and encourage your little Picasso to make a masterpiece.  Recycle old magazines and catalogues by making a collage – or using these pictures to decorate their outdoor fort.

Use your imagination – not your wallet – this summer and you’ll be investing in something really valuable – precious memories.

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