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Circus Tickets Giveaway – Qwest Center – Omaha, Ne

Care4hire.com has teamed up with Feld Entertainment and is offering a family 4-pack of tickets to the Circus at the Qwest Center on Friday, June 3 at 7pm!  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Fully ChargedSM!  If you would be interested in winning these tickets, please leave a comment with your interest in the show and 1 winner will be drawn on May, 24, 2011.73073a

10 comments to Circus Tickets Giveaway – Qwest Center – Omaha, Ne

  • Amber Ferris

    My family would LOVE to go! We’ve never been to the circus since my son was born. Luke is three and a half and Leia is one. I think this would be a night filled with wonderful memories!!!

  • Autumn B.

    My kids would LOVE to go the circus!! I haven’t been in years and my youngest hasn’t been at all.

    autumn398 @yahoo.com

  • Jennifer Korte

    I would be interested in winning these tickets because my daughter has never been able to go to a circus because my husband and i have never had the money to buy the tickets. I want her to be able to experience the circus before she gets older and isnt interested in that stuff anymore.

  • Brenda Vicario

    My kids would love to attend the circus:)

  • Lindsay

    Hi, I am very intersted in winning the tickets so that I can take a couple of kids I know. :) Thanks for the offer.

  • Lyshelle Mayo

    I would love to go to the circus!!!

  • i wish i culd see this circus. i have never seen any cirus in omaha, so i was really interested but donot hav enough money

  • Anita Kumar

    I love the circus and can’t wait to see it with my family!!

  • Jennifer

    Would love to take my little cousins who i also babysit for to the the circus the two youngest have never went and absoulutely love animals and would totally enjoy the show, the youngest just turned three and would love to give her that as a late birthday present, there whole family has had a rough year and need a little fun

  • Congratulations to Amber! She was the winner of the family 4-packs of tickets to the Circus! Care4hire.com wishes you a fun-filled evening! Enjoy the show!!

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