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Handmade Cat Toys

Cat toys can be easy to make and fun for you and Felix to use.  Below are some suggestions for easy-to-make and cat-approved toys.

Do you have an old venetian blind that is no longer in use?  Take the wand off it.  Run some twine through the loop at the top and tie it off in a knot, leaving enough length of twine dangling to about four inches below the bottom of the wand.  Find one of your kids’ old superballs (a small one) and some feathers from your local hobby shop.  Poke a hole all the way through the superball.  Tie a knot in the twine about four inches up from the bottom of the twine.  Using a large sewing needle, run the twine through the hole in the superball: the twine should stop when the knot cannot pass through the hole in the superball.   Remove the twine from the needle.  Tie another knot in the twine; this knot should be just below the superball.  Thus, the two knots hold the superball in a fixed location on the twine.  Next, take a cap off an old tube of toothpaste.  Drill a hole in the top of the cap.  Again using the sewing needle, run the twine through the hole in the cap.  Remove the needle.  Tie a knot in the twine such that the cap is held firmly in place abutting the superball, separated only by one knot in the twine.  Using glue appropriate for use on plastic and safe if swallowed in small quantities when dried, glue the spines of the feathers in the convex side of the toothpaste cap.  When the glue has dried, your toy is ready to use!

Do you have an old pair of jeans that no longer fit?  Cut off the back pockets.  Purchase catnip at your local pet products store.  Stuff the pockets with catnip.  Sew the pockets closed at the top.  Your toy is ready to use!

Do you have a remote-control car that your kids have outgrown?  Using the glue referenced above, adhere some padding (i.e., carpet padding, fiberfill, etc.) to the car.  Then, hand-stitch some durable fabric (i.e., denim, corduroy, etc.) onto the padding.  (Note: you will not want to cover the bottom and wheels of the car with padding or fabric.  However, the top, front, rear, and sides should be padded and covered in fabric.)  Ensure that the remote control still works through the fabric and padding.  If it still works, your toy is ready to use!

These and myriad other ideas abound.   Once you learn what kinds of toys your Felix prefers, you can hand-make toys to suite your Felix.  You can even make the toys fit your home’s color scheme or motif.  Have fun & be creative!

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