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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Care4hire.com.
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Budget-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

Your kids are home for the summer.  All you hear is, “Moooooom, I’m soooooo bored!”  You want to provide them with fun activities that don’t break the bank.  Here are a few ideas. *Municipal summer activities for kids are usually offered at no or low cost.  Check with your community’s department of parks and recreations […]

Are You Crazy When You’re Home All Day With The Kids During the Summer?

You’re preparing for this coming summer when your kids will again be home all day.  You flash back to last summer . . . partially cooked spaghetti noodles draped across your kitchen’s ceiling light fixture, chocolate pudding finger prints smeared down the hallway wall, clutter everywhere, kids wired from sleeping ’til noon and wanting to […]

The Joys of Doing Absolutely Nothing…

Most of us have completely overscheduled lives, as our calendars are packed with school activities, sports practices and games, concerts and dance recitals, play dates, doctors’ appointments and more.  One of the great joys of summer is the ability to occasionally kick back and do absolutely nothing except enjoy each other’s company – and reconnect […]

Create a memorable summer with frugal fun

Clearly, cost-savings are on everyone’s mind during the current economic downturn, but you still want your kids to have fun this summer.   In an effort to save money, you might not be taking a big vacation, renting a beach house or sending your kids to camp this year, but you can still make it a […]