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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Care4hire.com.
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From Morning Chaos to Morning Ritual

Mornings can be such a hassle.  The children are begging for “five more minutes” before they have to get out of bed.   Maybe the twins are arguing over what clothes to wear to school that day.  Johnny is in no hurry to do anything.  Everybody’s running behind.  You’re worried about the children being late to […]

Making “Clean-up” Fun for Kids

Their rooms are a mess.  Toys are all over the living room.  You’ve just worked a full-time day to come home to THIS?  How can you incent your kids to clean up after themselves? 1. Lead by example. If you expect your kids to keep their spaces clean, you must keep your spaces clean. 2. […]

School’s out: What Chores Do You Give Your Children over the Summer?

School is out, and children are on summer vacation.  Over the summer, many children experience boredom: not enough to do and too much time in which to do it.  Parents, on the other hand, often experience the reverse:  too much to do and too little time in which to do it.  Is there a way […]