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A Positive Babysitter?

You want your babysitter to be a positive caregiver for your children.  What behaviors should you be looking for when interviewing babysitter candidates?  Does your babysitter: smile easily? laugh easily? exhibit good eye contact? speak using a variety of pitches or tones? discuss the silver lining in each cloud? (This information can be obtained by […]

At What Age Should Kids Begin to…

Kids develop their competencies at varying rates.  While you need to assess your kids’ skill levels and teach them how to perform tasks accordingly, what follows is the typical age range that is generally applicable for each task listed below. Tying shoes ~ 4 – 6 years Eating with child’s knife and fork ~ 3 […]

Babysitters: How to Put Kids to Bed with Minimum Fuss

As babysitters, we know that some kids go to bed easily.  They do what you ask them to do in a timely and compliant manner.  Oh, but then there are those kids who beg for five more minutes of play time or drag out the bedtime ritual . . . and the kids who lay […]

Goal Setting and Achievement

You want to teach your kids to set goals, get to work on them, and ultimately achieve them.  How can parents and babysitters help kids with this life lesson? Talk to your kids about the goal setting, progress, and achievement in your own life. Talk with your kids about what goals they would like to […]

How Should a Babysitter Deal with a Child Who Bites?

You are babysitting for a child who bites you.  How can you help this child learn not to bite? 1. Remain calm. Do not react with anger. 2. You need to determine why the child is biting. Is the child teething? Is s/he trying to learn about his/her world through oral exploration (putting things in […]

The Over-Protective Parent

Over-protective parents.  What does that term really mean?  Society is changing, and the “norm” for parents is changing too.  Below, I will touch on these and other elements of the label of “over-protective parent”. When I was young, forty years ago, many cars did not have seat belts at all.  We would go for car […]

My Child Did Not Get Invited

As a parent, nanny, or babysitter, your heart aches when a child’s heart breaks.  In this blog, we will consider one particular heartbreaking experience and how it can be handled.  Consider this: your child’s classmates are all invited to a party hosted by one of the children in the class.  However, your child did not […]

Children: Learning about the World and Their Place in It

From birth, children are learning about themselves and the world around them.  Using their five senses, they form opinions about who they are, what the world is like, and how they fit in it.  You shape how your children frame their world view, how they build their self-image, and how they come to see their […]

Emotional Impact of Food Allergies

Your child has food allergies.  The allergies may be minor or life-threatening.  No matter how serious the food allergies are, they likely distinguish your child from many of his classmates.  What is the emotional impact you can expect?  How can you and your babysitter help your child adapt?  (Note:  all points below involve thorough communication […]

Getting Your Kids on a Schedule

Your two kids, a newborn and a toddler, desperately need a schedule.  You, your spouse, and your two kids have widely diverse wake and sleep cycles that increase your daily stress, make your kids (and you) a little crabby, and leave you sleep-deprived.  How do you get your kids on a schedule? The structure that […]