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Mom Style Cabin Fever

It’s -20*F outside, with 45 mph wind gusts and 12” of snow on the ground (and more is still falling).  Schools are closed, your family is house-bound, and your active kids are bouncing off the walls.  By day three of this, you have cabin fever.  What exactly is cabin fever and what can you do to address it constructively?

Cabin fever is a state of restlessness caused by the feeling that you has been involuntarily confined in an enclosed space for too long, thus causing you to be unable to engage in the variety of activities that you desire.   Cabin fever is not depression.  It is not a mental illness.  It is not enduring: it will typically only last as long as the involuntary confinement.

According to Mayo Clinic, seasonal affective depressive disorder (SAD) is sometimes confused for cabin fever; however, SAD is quite different.  SAD is depression; it is a mental illness; it can endure for months.  It is important to distinguish between cabin fever and SAD, as SAD is far more serious and often requires professional treatment.

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