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Do Kids Really Need a Bath Every Day?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, daily baths may not be necessary for kids who are six to eleven years of age.  In order to determine the appropriate bathing frequency, the Academy encourages parents and caregivers to consider the kids’ level of daily activity (i.e., are they perspiring?), nature of those activities (i.e., do the activities involve getting covered in mud, finger paints, salt water, or something else that should be washed off?), and general health (i.e., do they have health concerns that need to be factored into the decision-making?).  Kids in this age range should have a bath at least once weekly, but not necessarily daily.

The Academy advises that kids who are twelve years of age and older should bathe daily.  Kids in this age range also should wash their faces at least twice daily (for example, in the morning upon rising and in the evening before bedtime).  Pubescent faces accumulate oil and dirt rapidly, so kids in this age range need to pay special attention to washing their faces.

Kids in all age ranges should bathe whenever they get especially dirty (i.e., sweaty, covered in mud, etc.).  They should also wash their hands regularly for general health purposes (i.e., bacteria and virus transmission).

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