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9 tips for preparing your kids for back to school

It’s that time again… Time for backpacks, sharp pencils and new classrooms.back-to-school1

How can you make the back-to-school transition easier and less nerve-wracking for your children?

  1. Visit the new classroom ahead of time, if possible.  Let her look around and see where the cubbies or lockers are, where she’ll eat lunch, where the restrooms are and where she’ll meet the bus. 
  2. Introduce your child to her new teachers before school starts.  She’ll be less anxious on the first day of school if she knows that her teachers are friendly.
  3. Attend your school’s orientation or other events before school officially starts so your child can get familiar with the new classroom, teachers and other students.
  4. Meet the other kids.  Schedule play-dates with some of her classmates over the summer.  School will be much easier if there are familiar friends in her classroom.
  5. Be positive and supportive about how great school will be. Talk about the exciting things he’ll learn, the nice friends he’ll make, etc.
  6. Acknowledge and address your child’s fears.  Discuss what’s bothering her and help her develop solutions to anticipated problems. 
  7. Let him pick out his own lunchbox, backpack, notebooks and other back-to-school gear.
  8. Start a fun annual tradition for the first day of school – a special dinner, a favorite movie that night – that your child can look forward to.
  9. Let your child know that everyone is a bit nervous about the new routine, but reassure her that she’s going to have a great year!

How do you get your children ready to go back to school?

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