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Ho Ho Ho-ly Cow! Where Am I Going to Find A Babysitter at This Time of Year?!

The holiday season is hectic at best.  Your usually busy schedule becomes almost unmanageable when you add the spate of personal and professional holiday parties, all the holiday shopping (most of which has to be done when you’re not with your kids so they don’t have a preview of their Christmas gifts), and the myriad other tasks that seem to inundate you at this particular time of year.  You need help to get this all done!  You need a babysitter, one who can work some evenings and weekends, just for the holiday season.  What is the best way to find that perfect babysitter for your situation?

Sure, you can run a help-wanted advertisement in your local newspaper, receive a gazillion calls from interested candidates (many of whom you would not consider for the job), perform interviews, maybe even do background checks . . . wait!  This seems like a lot of work, especially since you’re already overloaded with things to do!

As an alternative, you could speak with all your friends and relatives in the hopes that someone you know may use a babysitter that they think is great and may be available for work in your household as well.  However, even if someone you know does refer a babysitter to you, and even if she is available for the hours that you would need her, she may not be a good fit for your family.  A babysitter that may be a perfect fit in one family may not be a good fit in another family, and you would need to take that into consideration when recruiting for baby sitters by word-of-mouth.

May we suggest that you consider a third alternative: Care4hire.com?  By using Care4hire.com, you can access a database of available babysitters in your area, review their credentials on line, and only contact those babysitter that meet your minimum qualifications.  No gazillion telephone messages from prospective babysitters clogging your answering machine when you get home each evening: you control how many prospective babysitters know of your recruitment.  And because you have chosen only those candidates that meet your minimum qualifications, you won’t waste your time on all the unqualified candidates out there.  Care4hire.com will even help you do background checks, prepare for interviews, and ultimately hire that one babysitter that is right for your family.

We at Care4hire.com are here to lighten your load when you need it most.  Please let us help you survive and thrive this holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

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