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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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The Babysitter Box

The babysitter box is a box that you fill with everything a babysitter might need while you are away.  What should you include in the box?

  • Emergency contact list (names, telephone numbers, and the circumstances under which they should be called)
  • Timeline of what to do and when, including the bedtime routine and when you will return home, along with any materials necessary (i.e., medicines, snacks, etc.)
  • A list of recommended activities along with any materials necessary (i.e., games)
  • A list of forbidden activities (i.e., no watching television, no playing outdoors after dark, etc.)
  • A few tips on appropriate means of disciplining your children (i.e., time-outs, earlier bedtimes, etc.)
  • A few tips to help your babysitter establish rapport with your children (i.e., the children’s interests and favorite activities)
  • A list of where the babysitter can find your household essentials (i.e., paper towels, window cleaner, and other items to clean up the minor mishaps that come with children)
  • Diapers, diaper wipes, etc. if any of your children are in diapers
  • Anything else your sitter might need

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