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What It’s Like Being a Babysitter During the Holiday Season

Being a babysitter can be a fun, rewarding job.  You can form lifelong bonds with the families that you serve.  Being a babysitter during the holiday season comes with some unique pros and cons.  Let’s consider those now.


It’s fun to babysit children who are excited about the holiday season.  You can share in the excitement by reading holiday-themed bedtime stories, babysit in costume as one of Santa’s elves, help the children hand-make gifts for their parents, work with other babysitters to arrange a group babysitter/children carol sing, etc.

The number of hours babysitters work typically increases during the holiday season because of the parents’ office parties, need to shop without their children present, etc.  This typically larger number of babysitting work hours help you fund your own expenses, which, as with most people, increase during the holiday season.


Babysitting during the holidays means that babysitters will likely feel that they need to buy holiday gifts for the children in their care.  This increases your holiday expenses.

Babysitters, who tend to work increased hours during the holidays, often experience increased stress because the increased work hours come at a time when fewer (not more) work hours are needed so that the babysitter’s personal to-do list can be accomplished (i.e., personal holiday shopping and baking, attending social gatherings, etc.).

While babysitting during the holidays comes with unique pros and cons, the job of babysitting is a blessing and a privilege . . . to help shape the lives of children and the adults that they will become . . . and it is well worth the challenges that it brings.

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