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Creative Activities to Do with Young Children

You have three young children in your care.  You want to keep them busy and teach them the joy of learning.  What fun and educational activities can you, as their babysitter, create for the children?

  • Sing songs. Children learn from lyrics. The alphabet song is a good example of learning through song. And since children love music and singing, they will thoroughly enjoy this educational experience.
  • Use finger paints to learn colors. You can also use finger paints to teach children how colors can be created by combining other colors (i.e., purple is created by combining blue and red). Since children love artistic expression (especially if they can get their hands messy in the process), they will thoroughly enjoy this educational experience as well.
  • Create crafts such as erupting volcanoes, breathing lungs, and aerodynamically successful paper airplanes.
  • Plant and tend a vegetable garden to learn soil science and nutrition.
  • Cook and bake to learn nutrition. Fun foods to prepare include homemade ice cream, decorated cupcakes and cookies, pizza with toppings from a variety of food groups, and homemade bread.
  • Take a nature hike in your community and learn about native plants and animals.
  • Take part in the reduce-reuse-recycle movement. Tour a landfill. Learn eco-science.
  • Volunteer for a local charity to learn social skills and develop work ethic. Volunteerism could be as easy as stuffing envelopes, distributing pamphlets, or attending charity-sponsored events.
  • There are also many websites where you can find fun ideas.

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