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Encouraging Twins to Have Their Own Personalities and Interests

To encourage twins to have their own personalities and interests, parents can do the following: Give them names that are dissimilar.  Paired names such as Sandy and Cindy do not encourage individuation. Refer to the twins as two kids rather than one set of twins.  This sounds like a fine point distinction, but the subtle […]

Kids’ Pet Care Responsibilities

As parents, there are some things we just know.  For example, Johnny may REALLY want that puppy; he emphatically promises that he’ll feed, water, and walk the puppy every day; but, six months from now, WE will be feeding, watering, and walking that puppy.  Once the initial rush of excitement passes for Johnny, he will […]

Explaining Daddy’s Death to a Toddler

Your husband just passed away.  You’re grief-stricken and overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.  One of the most important and far-reaching tasks you will handle at this time is explaining Daddy’s death to your child (a toddler).  Given the significance of this conversation (or, more likely, these conversations), you should approach the conversation(s) […]

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Age Appropriateness of Bathing Opposite Sex Siblings Together

As the old adage goes, “We learn something new every day.”  It’s easy to take this for granted, but, as parents, we need to take advantage of the daily opportunities to teach our kids through the common experiences of living.  In question and answer format, here are a few tips to accomplish that objective. Q:  […]

Pets, Parties, and Inclusion as Family Members

You and your shih tzu Sammie are the best of friends.   In fact, you call Sammie your baby boy and you reference yourself as his mother*.  Sammie is always excited to welcome you home at the end of each work day.  He goes on runs with you, snuggles you while you watch TV, and cheers […]

Mom Style Cabin Fever

It’s -20*F outside, with 45 mph wind gusts and 12” of snow on the ground (and more is still falling).  Schools are closed, your family is house-bound, and your active kids are bouncing off the walls.  By day three of this, you have cabin fever.  What exactly is cabin fever and what can you do […]

Do Kids Really Need a Bath Every Day?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, daily baths may not be necessary for kids who are six to eleven years of age.  In order to determine the appropriate bathing frequency, the Academy encourages parents and caregivers to consider the kids’ level of daily activity (i.e., are they perspiring?), nature of those activities (i.e., do […]

Talking with Your Kids about Weight

Talking with kids about weight can make even the most experienced parents break into a cold sweat. If you do not discuss weight with your kids, your kids may establish and maintain unhealthy weight; on the other hand, if you do talk with your kids about weight, you risk damaging their self-esteem.  Is this a […]