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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Care4hire.com.
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Introducing a New Cat to the Family

So, you’re adopting a new family member!  Congratulations!  Cats can be wonderful additions to your family: they can provide 12 to 18 years (assuming they are indoor-only cats) of love and merriment to your household.  They can also teach your family about how to love and understand others who may view the world differently than […]

Helping Your Kids Understand Healthy Loving Relationships

You want your kids to grow up to have healthy, loving relationships with the spouses they will choose when they become adults and the children that may bless their unions.  Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this object. *Model the behaviors that you want your kids to exhibit.  Kids learn by example.  […]

What Kids Want In A Babysitter

Kids are unique individuals.  Each child will have specific things that will tend to make him/her feel more or less bonded with his/her babysitter.  While one child may respond well to a babysitter that is mild mannered and enjoys reading books to him/her, another child may prefer a babysitter that is high energy and enjoys […]

Toys Safety Concerns

We at Care4hire.com think most parents are very safety-conscious.  Well-meaning family members, who may not be as keenly aware of the abilities and habits of the recipient children, sometimes shop for fun-looking or media-hyped toys without thinking about the age-appropriateness of the toy.  Most store-bought toys bear suggested age ranges on their packaging or labeling.  For example, a toy may […]

Preparing School Lunches for Your Kids

You make lunches for your kids to take to school, and you’re looking for some tips on improving your process.  Here are a few tried-and-true tips for preparing school lunches for your kids. Prepare in advance as much as possible.  Each night, you can place a bag of chips, a baggie containing fresh fruits (i.e., […]

Tips for Managing Food Allergies at School

Kids with food allergies have special challenges when they eat at school.  Unlike at home, they may not know all the ingredients in the food they are served or what food items came in contact with their food.  Allergic reactions, sometimes severe, can result.  What can parents do to help their kids manage their food […]

Early Childhood Friendships

Early childhood friendships provide companionship, social support, and peer guidance through the good and bad times of childhood.  Childhood friendships help teach children about healthy (or unhealthy) social interaction, trust (or distrust), and the children’s self-worth both as a friend and as an individual.  Childhood friendships also help teach children how they fit into the […]

High Cost of Childcare in the US

Families in the US are spending a large percentage of their take-home pay on child care.  According to Child Care Aware ® of America*, the US Department of Health and Human Services defines affordable child care as that which consumes approximately 10% of the family income.  However, in most states, the average cost of child […]

Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents’ Day is a day to celebrate grandparents and thank them for all that they mean to (and do for) their grandchildren.  Here are some things that families can do in recognition of this special day. Family Crafts Handmade greeting cards from grandchildren Photographs of grandchildren in handmade frames (i.e., popsicle stick sunflower frames, construction […]

Playdate Challenges

Playdates are wonderful social opportunities for children.  However, playdates can come with some challenges.  These challenges are discussed below in question-and-answer format. What are the most common challenges that parents and nannies experience associated with playdates? Coordinating schedules with others associated with the playdates Activity planning Communicating adequately with the parents and childcare providers of […]